41 bop lyrics -Tata

Song Details: 41 bop lyrics sung by Tata.

41 bop lyrics

[Chorus: Kyle Richh]
Walk down gang, we gon’ leave him to pieces (Graah)
Spot a opp I might up it and fire (Graah Graah)
Pass me the Jiggy i’m tryna get higher (Graah Graah)
Put a hole in his face like a tire (Graah)
Three deep i’m wit’ Jenny and Myer
Opp thot she get hit through the whip
Like ima up I don’t need an assist
Big EBK, I did what I did (Graah Graah Graah)
Like no
Where he go
Don’t run red beam on the scope (Like what)
And the shit that I tote can’t fit in my coat
Big gun it can’t fit in my sweater
(When I spin, 30’s are better)
She a thot she on top of the legs up
I’m a demon on court, ima thrеat
Suck my dick EK you next

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