After the Earthquake is a Latest English Pop Song sung by Alvvays. After the Earthquake Song Lyrics is written by Alvvays and the music to the song is given by Alvvays. The song is sung by “Alvvays“.

After the Earthquake Lyrics

crying milkshake
It wasn’t built to
you were playing with the
I always figured it would burn me
Looking back to the in the way

way out
On the way down
Flowers at your feet
Say you’ll claw your way out
At the now

colour of burning amber
When you wake up will you remember
The awful things I said
hold you up on a stretcher
And the faint words are judging their
Get found out by the sound of breaking[?] in my heart
to your feet
Say you want a way out
On the way down

And never let you fall apart
Things change
Like the scent of a brand new car
I’m never gonna fall in love again
Cause that’s the way out
That’s the way out
Say you’ll find your way out
On the way down

Say you couldn’t wait up
On the way down
way [awakе?] now
way [awake?] now
to your feet
too far
Flowers at your feet

Song Details

Song After the Earthquake
Singer Alvvays
Lyrics By Alvvays
Produced By Alvvays
Genre Pop
Release Date 10 October, 2022

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