Back and Forth is a Latest English Rap Song sung by Lil Baby. Back and Forth Song Lyrics is written by Section 8, EST Gee & Lil Baby and the music to the song is given by Section 8. The song is sung by “Lil Baby“.

Back and Forth Lyrics

Section 8 just straight cooked this motherfu*ker up

[Verse 1: Lil Baby]
I’m still acting like a soldier knowing damn well that I’m the biggest member
Tell my fans I’m cool dawg taking pictures, they might see my pistol
We done did some sh!t, she ate my kids, I swear I never kissed her
Hold up brodie, them a lot of pounds and not a bag went missing

All the bros gon’ shoot and they don’t know who hit ’em
I make thirty racks a day from serving, now I’m through dealing
I told Gee, “I fu*k with you, I don’t get cool with new niggas”
I’m a savage to my heart, I work the same move on two sisters

She gave me a key but I’m too big for me to move with her
That other b!tch ain’t into sucking dick, I guess I’m through with her
I done hit her bestie, she ain’t tell me she was cool with her
I customize the Lamb truck, I come through this sh!t with blue leather
Show me you can do better, shoot my shot at whoever

Baby run a new era, she outside ’cause you let her
Too many b!tches Hugh Hefner, another million, new Chevy, you dig that
You just in line, only won’t be nothing to push your wig back
Hellcat, shooters inside, trailing a Maybach
I done fell back, too much to lose, can’t be no fu*king fool
Said “Fu*k class,” I needed some money, so I dropped out of school
I’m hands-on, a real lesson, I still got something to prove

[Verse 2: EST Gee]
OT, they know EST preceded by my work
I get paid to rap a beat full, that’ll put you on a shirt
Need a freaky slut, I slide it in her butt to make her squirt
We gon’ hear bout if you turnt, thought she loved me, fu*king burned
They gon’ put put you on so much meds, you don’t die, you wish you would
I’m a project baby, my daddy still raised me say “yes, sir”
Had no mask, I used my shirt, God can’t save you from getting murked
We still wanted for our turf but this ain’t football
Trey told me don’t run off on Henry but I still took off

Good thing I had good dog, good thing I ain’t give a fu*k
You can’t get respect from my lil bro if you ain’t sling with us
They can revoke my time round with that iron, I still ain’t put it up
Fu*k it though!

Song Details

Song Back and Forth
Singer Lil Baby
Lyrics By Section 8, EST Gee & Lil Baby
Produced By Section 8
Genre Rap
Release Date October, 2022

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