Violet Lyrics – Watermark

Song Details:- Presenting you “Violet Lyrics” written by Watermark. The name of this song is Violet sung by Watermark. Violet Lyrics [Verse 1]You freak me outSo I stay inDo you see me now?Do you have my pin?No, I don’t know howYou’ll show up or whenBut it freaks me outSo I stay in [Pre-Chorus]You say “Boy … Read more

Sugar Crash Lyrics – ElyOtto

Song Details:- Presenting you “Sugar Crash Lyrics” written by ElyOtto. The name of this song is Suga Crash! sung by ElyOtto. Sugar Crash Lyrics [Chorus]I’m on a sugar crash, I ain’t got no f^^kin’ cashMaybe I should take a bath, cut my f^^kin’ brain in halfI’m not lonely, just a bit tired of this f^^king s^^tNothing that I write can make me … Read more