Forgive The World Lyrics- Nessa Barrett

Song Details: Forgive The World Lyrics sung by Nessa Barrett.

Forgive The World Lyrics

[Verse 1]
We been out of luck, dreamin’ like we’re stuck
Under clouds that might come down
Phone is always sad, TV’s always mad
So we block out all the sounds

Their static, hold me
Don’t you let the monsters in
I know you’ll keep me steady
When the ceiling starts to spin
Hell is right around the corner
But it’s heaven next to you
Let’s pretend we won’t get older
If we never leave this room
Just close the windows
Forget all the troublеs
Let ’em go like wе don’t know
Hell is right around the corner
But I’ll forgive the world as long as it has you
(Forgive the world, as long
As it has you)

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Yet To Come.

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