ON THE RIVER Lyrics by Offset is latest English song voiced by him, its music is given by Southside, Shottie. Brand new lyrics of On The River song is written by Offset, Southside, KIRBY, Thomas Brenneck.

ON THE RIVER Song Detail

Singer(s) Offset
Musician(s) Southside, Shottie
Lyricist(s) Offset, Southside, KIRBY, Thomas Brenneck


Black leaves on the mississippi river
Black leaves in the mississippi fire
(Southside on the track yeah)
Black leaves in the mississippi choir
Black leaves on the mississippi land

White rove’ (White)
Twenty hoes (Twenty) white gold (White)
Mink roll (Mink) lotta pink toes (Pink)
Ricky o. (Woo) margiela you didn’t know (Margiela)
We pop g6’s make the b!tch go sicko mode (G6)
Up the status I bust her down the b!tch the baddest (Baddest)
The racks in the attic (Woo)
I doubled the money dope mathematics (I doubled it)
My cars the fastest (Rah)
I’m flipping the b!tch I’m knowing gymnastics (Uh-uh)
I elliot diamond I twinkle the wrist you need some glasses (Twinkle twinkle)
It’s hard to catch me (Woo)

I bulletproof trucks I could move in madness (Bullet)
They thought it was madden
We balling on n!ggas go get you a basket (Bow)
The money come blue (Woo)
I bought me a watch but it cost me a coupe (A coupe)
Set it off like a nuke (Set it off)
I’ma turn me a hundred ‘fore I leave the booth (Let’s go)
I had got off the juice (Woo)
Then the money start blowing up out of the roof (Blow it)
I’m telling the truth I became the one when I got out the group
Don’t got to say it they biting aesthetics
If I’m shooting my shot then I know I’ma wet it
I put my son in baguetties before he could walk he could talk and that shit was too heavy (So heavy)
I had I had to drop my top on biscayne knowing a n!gga regret it (Biscayne)
I had to smash on her and her friend and told them both they petty (They petty)
I got the drop all on my opps I told them boys to shred it (Shred it)
I got a foreign fetish (Fetish) I am the one you get it? (Hey)

Black leaves on the mississippi river
Black leaves in the mississippi fire

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