Suicide In Selfridges Lyrics by Westside Gunn is latest English song voiced by him, its music is given by Westside Gunn. Brand new lyrics of Suicide In Selfridges song is written by Westside Gunn.

Suicide In Selfridges Song Detail

Song Suicide In Selfridges
Singer(s) Westside Gunn
Musician(s) Westside Gunn
Lyricist(s) Westside Gunn

Suicide In Selfridges Lyrics

Welcome to the new golden era (Grr yo-yo)
This that purple tape mixed with codeine vibes (Grr ayo)
Imagine getting murder was the case in the slum village
Return of the boom bap with two million on the wrist
Dj drama

Ayo tom brown selling sum’ surrounded by drug paraphernalia
I dare you to step to the god you been failing (Ah I dare you)
Peace to all my n!ggas live from the east (Peace god)
Why they called (Gangsta)
You don’t gotta bust fifteen
Throwing ace’s I’m stepping on your shit
Chrome automatic and don’t forget the switch (Hold up)
Gotta spin the block on you n!ggas
Gun holler at me
Ayo ain’t nobody fresher that’s word to mohammed
Brains everywhere on the wall go get some comet

Back to back dom perignon I bought the ramen
Hanging out the all-red ghost with the chopstick
Everything I see you n!ggas in I never rocked it
Bet the lil’ vest burn a hole through your pocket
I ain’t se them out three years n!gga stop it
Shake that shit b!tch shake it then drop it man (Shake!)
I’m the man I’m the lord of all lords
Tom ford on plus it smell like tom ford fu*k you talking ’bout?
Put the .40 in your jaw I’m a maniac
Couple million on the floor
ain’t nobody fu*king with the fendi overall
Pumped out a peg leg yeah I’m meant to show it off
Yeah I’m Mr. run up on you broad day and blow it off
Yeah I’m Mr. send a dummy pack through to throw ’em off

(Gangsta grizills)
Shootouts everyday
N!ggas don’t dance no more

All they do is this
And then you pray for me

Ready or ready or not I’m ready to bust the glocks
Start it off with a hundred shots popped off
On god I’m done
Done-done let me feing and starve and then you eat
I’ll carve out your motherfu*king head
And dunk out your pu*sy ass i-t-t
When you see me say
“papi chulo you got another dinero”
I say “hockey hulo”
Pop a n!gga with a slapshot duck ’em off
Hit ’em with the motherfu*king perc bed hook it off
N!gga what you need is another motherfu*king hennessy
When I die put co-ca-ine in my iv
Don’t try me r-i-p
Spray paint everywhere d-i-e
Done-done all I see is p-u-s-s-i-e
And if you try me b!tch n!gga have you on i-f-c
Thugging for real drug n!gga drugging a deal
Fu*k you and flip busting off shots ’til they kill
Tumble and fall pu*sy n!gga rumbled it all
Got ya pu*sy ass name written all over the wall

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