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We Fresh (English Translation) is a Latest Korean Pop Song sung by Kep1er. We Fresh (English Translation) Song Lyrics is written by K​Z, B.O., Nthonius & Meisobo and the music to the song is given by K​Z, Nthonius, Meisobo & B.O.. The song is sung by “Kep1er“.

We Fresh Lyrics In English 

We fresh Here we go
I want that different vibe from anotherdimension
Need some freedom We’re a new type hero
that you haven’t seen anywhere

Jump, it has started like that
Fly, my two arms, refresh
I don’t have any worries boom
There’s no limit I will protect you
Now shout for us Go
Roaring We Fresh (We fresh!)
Gotta go gotta go gotta go
We fresh (we fresh!) Hop on ta x8

Stuck in a rut break all the same old rules
We will show you for you Come on touch down
Move your body fast Clap high five
I will get to you faster
If we’re together We Fresh
Oh eh oh oh we x5 Fresh
The air is getting hotter

Now’s the time (we go)
Don’t worry Veni Vidi Vici
Go against the villain Break it Break it woo
Fight without holding back Follow me
Burn like the flame Energy
We ready get set flight
Don’t stop don’t stop now

Jump, trust us like that
Fly, my arms skyway
Clench your fists Boom
Go, for tomorrow relentlessly
(I will protect you)

Song Details

Song We Fresh (English Translation)
Singer Kep1er
Lyrics By K​Z, B.O., Nthonius & Meisobo
Produced By K​Z, Nthonius, Meisobo & B.O.
Genre Pop
Release Date 13 October, 2022

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