We’ll Never Have Sex Lyrics – Leith Ross

Song Details:- Presenting you “We’ll Never Have Sex Lyrics”. The name of this song is We’ll Never Have S^^ sung by Leith Ross.

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Depollute me, pretty baby
S^^k the rot right out of my bloodstream
Oh, dilute me, gentle angel
Water down what I called being grateful

Oh, you kissed me just to kiss me
Not to take me home
It was simple, it was sweetness
It was good to know

You look perfect, you look different
I don’t wonder about your indifference
If I said you could never touch me
You’d come over and say I looked lovely

Oh, you kissed me just to kiss me
Not to make mе cry
It was simple, you are sweetness
Lеt’s just sit a while

Depollute me, gentle angel
And I’ll feel the sickness less and less
Come and kiss me, pretty baby
Like we’ll never have s^^

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