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Song Details:- Presenting you “Who This Its Big CEO Is You Stupid Lyrics” written by Ryzair. The name of this song is Cortex sung by Ryzair.

Who This Its Big CEO Is You Stupid Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Yachty & Bobby Shmurda]
Running through these checks ’til I pass out

Brrrr, who this?
It’s Big CEO, is you stupid? (Huh?)
I just pulled up with a new b^^ch (F^^ked her)
Sent her to the K-9 unit (Huh?)
That pussy like flower got tulips
My Glock a new clip as long as a pool stick (Huh?)
And HSHTVG the gang, don’t be foolish
We pull up to the scene, leave his name on a news clip
I pop in his dream like the name Freddy Krueger
So how long did he sleep? No my tech got a ruler
Preye and Cig keep the tech like computer
Yo’ b^^ch camе to my crib, got the neck then I Ubеr (Huh?)
You can’t step in my shoes, so don’t message the shooter
Big Clip and your Glock got neutered
Watch his mommy go cop her a new shirt
I been all in my bag, like a booster
F^^k a M.I.L.F., I’ma grab me a boomer
You can’t sit, so go grab you a booster
Pro do not miss, he an accurate shooter (Huh?)
And hollows got blue tips
Hit ’em kamehameha, like it’s Dragon Ball Super (Huh?)
The gang been on new sh^t
If you testing HSHTVG then yo’ a^s gone get tutored
Fast mag, then I blast like Hadouken
I see you mad, mad, you be watching my movements
What you doing?
Roll you up in a gas pack, have yo’ a^s looking clueless
Hit a treesh
I record it on Snapchat, then I put it on Blu-ray
She a gnat, gnat, she give top like a toupee
Now I’m all in her mouth like some toothpaste
Then I sent that b^^ch out to get Kool-Aid
She said, “Oh yeah, I’ma do what you say”
HSHTVG CEO, we the new wave
Nail him in a coffin, MF DOOM way

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