Song Details: Why Are People In Horror Movies So Stupid Lyrics. The song is sung by Davin Marie.

Why Are People In Horror Movies So Stupid Lyrics

Why are people in horror movies so stupid?
If it’s says says do not enter why would you do it?
If you hear a sound coming from in your house
Don’t look around just get the hell out

If you move into an old house on a hill
It’s probably gonna be where you all get killed
If you have a creepy neighbor as questions now not later
Before it’s too late hear me when I say

Don’t hide under the bed that’s where they always check
And then they’ll grab you by your leg
Don’t ask if somebody there? If you are not prepared
To fight for your life get out of there

If yoou’re black I’m sorry you died first
Believe someone when they say it is cursed
If you don’t own a chainsaw but you hear a chainsaw
You’re probably about to die

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