Song Details:- Presenting you “Sexxxy Sunglasses Lyrics”. The name of this song is S^^y Shades sung by Charlie Puth.

Sexxxy Sunglasses Lyrics

These are my s^^y shapes
Super, super, super s^^y shades
These these are my s^^y shoes
These are my s^^y shapes

Not not s^^y shoes
These are my s^^y shades
S^^y break down

A worm in the street and a worm in the park
And where I’m in the light and aware
I’m in the dark side
You can not where I’m like me and
My shades are just too d^^n s^^y

Where I’m on the bridge
Jump to your porch where I’m on the bridge
And show them to a random guy, isn’t she?
Not where I’m like me

My s^^y shapes are just to Bob Saget
I was walking down the street
Pop in into the beat

And this guy said, You’re okay with this
These are s^^y
She puts you in the face

These are s^^y and super, super duper s^^y shades
These are my s^^y shades
These are Miss S^^y Shapes
Not not yo s^^y shakes
These are s^^y shades

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