Song Details: Da Rant Lyrics. The name of the song is Da Rant sung by Morray.

Da Rant Lyrics

This s^^t so crazy
Everybody got a freestyle, so s^^t, I want one too

Uh, demons was angels too
It depends on how the artist choose to paint the view
Even a queen loses patience on a day or two
Even Morray can make mistakes, well, let me name a few
Was runnin’ with the wrong crowd, young, dumb, mad loud
Time passed me by when I was sittin’ on that green mile
Fightin’ on the daily, sad I had to take Khalif’s smile
N^^gas I done bled with would probably let me bleed out
Back when it was all gang, blood in, blood out
It’s crazy when your fam change like we ain’t even blood now
N^^gas actin’ bougie on me, we ‘posed to be thugged out
Probably tell the feds my name, you probably bugged now
I can’t blame that s^^t on you ’cause that’s what fakes do
Hold up, yes, the f^^k I can, p^^sy, I blame you
Three fingers back on me ’cause I ain’t blame proof
Karma is a cold real b^^ch and she will b^^g you
Made some bad decisions
Lump of coal is what my gift is
Now I’m wholesome, was a misfit
I was broken, someone fixed it
Sad as f^^k, I kind of miss it
Harder shell, you couldn’t dent it
Breakin’ jaws, you need the dentist
My emotions, lease ’em, rented
Posture up
Dyin’ for your gang, who told you posse up?
Choosin’ death for one’s belief, yeah, b^^ch, that’s probably us
But on that f^^kin’ dyin’ part, man, that’s where I’m kind of stuck
‘Cause n^^ga, it’s your time to go, why the f^^k you keep on sayin’ us?
One life to live and I plan on livin’
For that one life to live, your life plan on givin’
Have you s^^tin’ in a bag, boy, nickname him chittlings
Then I will walk up to the altar and God for forgiveness
Am I a bad guy for wantin’ s^^t for all I do?
I don’t bless s^^t for free unless you say, “Achoo”
Never gettin’ on a knee unless I say, “I do”
I’m too high to look down, I got a bird’s-eye view
Moment of quiet, the fire breakin’ the silence
I run the best plays, falcon vision, feel like Matt Ryan
Ball like my last name James, ball like my last name Wade
F^^k it, I ball like Mamba ’cause now I’m mentally sane
Number one, number two, I used to be glad to place
Who am I? Who are you? P^^sy, you gon’ learn today
Camera phone, n^^gas bold, scared to do that face to face
Head up, never that, they’d rather drive by and spray
Every generation come with different expectations
Used to want us all in college, used to want us all to make it
They don’t give a f^^k about us, seem like everybody famous
If we all rich with money, why the world so d^^n impatient?
Rush then
You gon’ learn the world cold, Russians
N^^gas claimin’ they your brother, actin’ more like cousins
Bickin’ back bein’ bool, I cannot let cuz in
Played a role, then lied to you, date and time, cuz, when?
Red dot, that don’t mean a headshot, body tissue
Shape some pounds off a n^^ga, yeah, he got body issues
I done took a step back from the topic like I forgot the issue
Someone start this s^^t from the top so all the bars don’t miss you
Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, man, I need that kind of stamp
Tyson, Floyd, and Ali, I’m tryna be that kind of champ
Two hundred fifty, soakin’ wet, heavy when it’s kind of damp
Feelin’ like I’m KD ’cause this was just the f^^kin’ rant

‘Cause this was just the f^^kin’ rant
‘Cause this was just the f^^kin’ rant
Feelin’ like I’m KD
‘Cause this was just the f^^kin’ rant

Oh, ’cause this was just the f^^kin’ rant
That’s it

This is the end of the lyrics