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Suited Up Lyrics

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Lil Capalot, bitch, ha

Drugs beatin’ me, pills be abusin’ us
Pop some X, now I’m bustin’, I’m booted up
I’m with the gang, what a nigga gon’ do to us?
Foenem pop out on business, we suited up
I don’t sweat when it’s crunch time, we just bust nines
Nigga, all of my shooters clutch
On that [?] now we raisin’ them [?] up
I was [?] they slidin’, [?]
They flip through the hood ’cause they knew what’s up
All my niggas been bangin’ since fourteen
Rappin, trappin’, and shootin’, ain’t new to us
[?] so they wanna be cool with us
Met a freaky lil’ eater
Soon as I turned the lights off, that lil’ bitch got to chewin’ up
Got a check, now I’m hittin’ my jeweler up
Like the Jeffersons, nigga, I’m movin’ up…

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